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Wine Tourism and Guided Tours
Enoturisme i visites guiades


The Baix Empordą region offers two kinds of wine tourism: Empordą Denomination of Origin wines and farmers’ wines. Both kinds organise guided trips to be able to discover how the wine is processed and all its essence. Discover them!

DO Empordą wine

Top-quality wine. The main red varieties are Carignan and Samsó, which form the basis of Empordą wine production, along with red Grenache (called Lledoner in the area). These traditional varieties are complemented with new varieties that are being introduced, mainly Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, among others. As far as white wine varieties are concerned, the dominant ones are white Grenache and Macabeo. On a much smaller scale, there is Muscatel, traditional Xarel.lo and newly introduced Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer.

Many wineries can be visited and the quality of their wines is recognised year after year thanks to diverse prizes and awards, and by the rules of the denomination of origin.

Many of them are members of the Empordą DO Wine Route, a route that promotes wine tourism in the Empordą region.

You can also discover the wineries that can be visited thanks to the publication Rutes enoturķstiques de l’Empordą, a publication that proposes three routes to be able to enjoy wine tourism in the Empordą region.

Local wine in Calonge

The wine cellars in the farmhouses show us that wine continues to be made in the traditional way, as it has been for centuries. These farmhouses bring us close to a lifestyle which seems to be disappearing, but which is still preserved and which has a firm hold on the future. The fields and the vines are worked on by the family, who make the wine and also sell it directly to visitors. It is a wine that preserves the taste of time, which is different from commercial wines and remains a local wine.

Further information can be found at or in the publication Artesania del Baix Empordą


In the Baix Empordą region, not only can you taste typical products, but you can also participate in their preparation process by means of guided tours or workshops for the following products: rice from Pals, sweet sausage, prawns from Palamós, vegetable garden products, wine, oil, cheese and curds.

Further information can be found at or in the publication Artesania del Baix Empordą published by the Consell Comarcal del Baix Empordą and which can be found in the tourist information offices in the area, as well as at the offices of the Consell Comarcal.

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